Sunday, February 23, 2014

Whole Grain Low Fat Mozzarella Cheese And Tomato Sandwich

This low fat sandwich is so yummy, you would never know, it is actually healthier for you, using whole grain bread and low fat mozzarella makes this lower in fat so you enjoy 2 slices..Works for me!!


Whole grain bread
Low fat mozzarella cheese, sliced thick
Tomato slices
White or red onion slices
Optional if you want to make this a little better add 1-2 slices turkey bacon


1. Slightly toast the bread in the toaster ( or you can just simply broil it), but I like the bread crispy on both sides. After toasted turn your broiler on, place 1 or 2 thick slices of mozzarella on the bread, then place under broiler and watch it until it turns bubbly and brown, take out of broiler add your tomato, onion and if desired bacon. If you would like the tomato and onion a little cooked place under broiler again for like 30 seconds just to crisp it up a little bit..That's it..Very easy..

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