Thursday, February 6, 2014

Update On My New Chicks And How To a Raise Them

Above is the pictures of my new chicks, I purchased from Baumegan Farms in Collegeville, PA
 If you are interested you can give him a call and tell him I sent you (Tricia Savage) His number is
610-914-2926. He was wonderful, so informative and his birds were very healthy and well kept. He was so wonderful and let us hang out and see his farm. He certainly loves his animals like I do. So I got 2 Buff Orphingtons, 2 Silver Lace Wyandottes, 2 Golden Lace Wyandottes, and 2 Light Brahmas. He is also hatching new chicks all of the time, so check out his facebook page. Baumegan Farms, he will always keep you updated on what he has available. Well I have Lucy and Ethel who are Rhode Island Red's that I have had for about a year. They have been so much fun and bring my family so much joy. They give me fresh eggs everyday, and they are just like family pets. Their are so many benefits to raising chickens right in your backyard. The main reason I purchased them is for strictly eggs. What I put in there mouth comes out in the eggs so they are fed organically. They do eat there feed everyday because they need the nutrients that are in it. But they also get snacks from me. I few of there favorites are watermelon, spinach, peaches, raw seeds, celery stems, lettuce stems, mealworms, and the list goes on. And in return you get the most delicious golden yolked eggs you will ever see. When you read free range, corn fed, and all of the advertisers post on the label, read into it. I have read and seen so many stories of how these chickens are raised and I use so many eggs and try to feed my family the best that I can, I researched and found out, wow, it is not so hard to raise chickens in your backyard. As a matter of fact, it is easy. If you would compare a egg from the store, organic, farm raised, etc. their is still no comparison to an egg from your own chicken. The yolk is golden, as orange as the sun. The taste is like no other. So I decided o buy some chicks and raise them from day 3. They are so much fun and so cute to watch, I can sit here all day and play with them. It was not difficult to build a tote for there home for several weeks, Basically, you feed and give them water every day, clean the shavings, build a few perches in there for them to perch on. Clean there butts every night, so they don't get pasty butt.Well I think I go a little overboard with them, I treat them like my babies. And watch them grow. You also need a brooder light to keep them warm. The first week it stays at 95 degrees, Second week 90 degrees, third week 85 degrees, fourth week 80 degrees, fifth week 75 degrees, sixth week 70 degrees. Then by that time their bodies will be able to handle the weather if it is 70 degrees outside. They will go out and be introduced to Lucy and Ethel when they are about 12 weeks. You have to put them in a cage or little coop, inside the big coop s the bigger girls will not peck at them. They smell them, go free range with them, and at night I place them on the perches in their house with the big girls, eventually they will all be a happy family. But their is always a queen of the coop, who is Ethel, and I hope she will be nice to my new girls. 
I will keep you posted weekly on the new girls..

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