Thursday, May 1, 2014

The Top 5 Natural Herbs For Your Chickens Health

So I went to the market to start to buy my chickens their herbs to start a garden. Not only can I cook with these herbs but they are beneficial to their health. I truly believe that for the last year that I follow this list and I have happy and healthy chickens. It cannot hurt, these herbs have been used for  many years in humans and if I can take care of my chickens naturally and it works then I am all for it. The top 5 herbs for chickens are as follows that I purchase are:

 Lavender, a stress reliever and calming agent, also acts as a natural insecticide, and improves blood circulation. For all those reasons, it is a wonderful addition to your nesting boxes. Fresh or dried, the leaves and buds can both be used to make your nesting boxes aromatic and bug-free while calming your sitting or laying hens.

Mint is a favorite of mine to grow because not only will it grow almost anywhere, but it spreads like crazy so you will always have plenty. Since it is a natural insecticide and rodent-repellent, I liberally toss mint in the nesting boxes and strew leaves onto the coop floor. 

 Oregano is probably the most beneficial herb for your chickens' health. Recent studies have shown the oregano acts as a natural antibiotic and can help protect against coccidiosis. It is also thought to guard against avian flu, blackhead, e.coli and infectious bronchitis. Adding dried oregano to your baby chicks' feed or feeding fresh chopped leaves to them free-choice helps protect them against many pathogens and get a good start in life. Adding oregano to your flock's diet in the same ways offers them continued health benefits. 
 Parsley is a nutritional powerhouse and our chickens love it. High in Vitamins A, B, and D, calcium, iron, magnesium selenium and zinc, it provides multiple health benefits to your chickens. It also aids in blood vessel development and is a laying stimulant. I feed our chickens fresh parsley free-choice as a treat and also add the parsley to their layer feed.

Sage, a natural insecticide and anti-parasitic, is also an antioxidant that promotes general health but even more importantly, it is thought to help combat salmonella  Fresh or dried, sage is a wonderful addition to your flock's diet.

I also every night give my girls warm oatmeal with a touch of garlic and  blackstrap molasses. They love it and lick the bowl clean. Also 1 day a week I put a crushed garlic clove in their water and 3 days a week Mothers Nature apple cider vinegar, 1 teaspoon per gallon of water. They also get crushed oyster shells, Food Grade DE, mixed in their food. And cracked corn as a treat scattered in their coop..Hope this helps. 
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