Sunday, May 4, 2014

Peach Mango Sangria Granita

Since Cinco de Mayo is coming up this is another great Sangria recipe perfect even to cool you off in the summer. It is sweet, fruity and slushy. Perfect cocktail..Enjoy!! 


1 bottle of Riesling or other sweet white wine
3 cups peach mango juice ( you can use any fruit juice of your choice if you can’t find this combo)
1 cup chopped fruit to garnish (berries, peaches, mango…)


1. In a large bowl mix wine and juice together transfer into a glass 9×3 baking dish. 
2. Freeze mixture for 30 minutes. Stir, then return to freezer.
3. Freeze for another 30 minutes, using a fork this time stir/scrape the mixture to break up all the ice crystals. 
4. Return to freezer again for another hour. Stir/scrape. When the mixture is the consistency of a slushy you can serve it. Serves 6. Top with Strawberry, Peach or Mango Slices..

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