Friday, May 23, 2014

Chocolate Cupcakes With Vanilla Frosting

A perfectly moist and delicious chocolate cake, with a perfectly fluffy and creamy vanilla frosting, these are the ultimate chocolate cake lovers cupcake, then to dress them up for the holiday you can add fresh blueberries, strawberries, or raspberries. I use this chocolate cupcake recipe all of the time with my cupcake recipes, it is the best.

Ingredients For The Chocolate Cupcakes:

1 box devils food cake mix
3 eggs
1/2 cup of oil
1 cup of buttermilk
1/2 cup sour cream
1 1/2 teaspoons vanilla extract

Directions For Cupcakes, Makes 24:

1. Preheat oven to 350 degrees. Line cupcake pan with 24 liners
2. Sift cake mix to remove any lumps
3. In a large mixing bowl, beat eggs, oil, buttermilk, sour cream and vanilla until smooth
4. Add the cake mix and beat until smooth about 1-2 minutes
5. Fill cupcake liners 3/4 full and bake for 14-22 minutes or until toothpick comes out clean

Ingredients For The Frosting:

2 sticks softened butter
2 teaspoons vanilla extract 
4-5 Tablespoons heavy cream
3 1/2- 4 1/2 cups powdered sugar

Directions For The Frosting:

1. In a large mixing bowl using paddle attachment or hand mixer beat the butter for 2 minutes until nice and fluffy, add the vanilla, beat for 1 minute, add the powdered sugar and heavy cream, starting with 4 cups powdered sugar, beat for 3-4 minutes until you have reached a thick frosting. I used about about 4 1/2 cups powdered sugar. You can work with the frosting, I like mine on the thicker side, that is why I used about 4 1/2 cups, but the preference is yours.

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