Thursday, April 3, 2014

Easter Decorating Ideas and Peep Treats

Cheese Doodle Carrots..These are so cute for the kids Easter Basket. Simply fill a large ziploc bag or
treat sack, fill with crunchy cheese doodles, then tie a green ribbon around the top..Thats it!!!

Peeps And Jellybean Centerpiece. Simple to make, take a large glass jar fill with layer of jellybeans, peeps, then place fresh or fake flowers on top with a pretty ribbon..

Peeps And Jellybean Fresh Flower Floral Arrangement.. In a square jar fill bottom with jellybeans, then peeps, then top off with fresh flowers..

Peep And Fruit Skewers..Simply get some wooden skewers and place fresh fruit and peeps layered on the skewer and serve at your dessert table..

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