Monday, April 14, 2014

Source Of Calcium For Your Chickens

I don't know if you realize that your chickens need extra calcium for their eggs to stay extra strong, you can purchase crushed oyster shell from your local farm supply store, or you can do this for free, when they lay their eggs, crush them into small pieces and place them either into their food to ensure they will be eating them, or you can place in a bowl in the coop or scatter in their run, it is the cheaper way instead of purchasing the oyster shell from the store. Eventually, if they do not have enough calcium to create a strong shell it results in a thin soft shell egg and will start taking calcium from the hens bones and eventually weaken them. So it is defiantly worth the time and effort to use what our chickens give us and repurpose to help them create strong bones and egg shells. This is my opinion and finds that it works for me and my girls, I am not a professional but I find every way that I can to take care of my girls the best way that I can.

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