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My Chickens Very Own Garden

Every year I grow a huge garden for my family and my chickens always get the joy of eating the fresh grown organic veggies and herbs. But this year I am building a chicken garden which I cannot wait. The chickens are going to love it. I will have it in their coop with a netting on top so they cannot get the roots only what comes through the netting. (Picture below) Their are so many vegetables the girls love and so many medicinal values of herbs for their health. I will start in a few weeks with organic seeds and by a month or two the chickens will be nibbling on their own garden. Here is a list of what your chickens can eat and do love, and is also healthy to fight off infections.


NASTURTIUM ( A natural is a natural wormer)

Herbs And Their Values:

Here is a list and photos of beneficial herbs for growing for your chickens:

You can put fresh herbs in their nesting boxes to calm setting hens, repel insects and rodents and add an aromatic scent to the chicken coop.

All of the culinary herbs are perfectly safe to use around the chickens, so there's no worry about any being toxic or harmful to them. I just make up a mix of whatever needs to be cut back at any given time. It's a great way to snip and trim your herb plants when they need clipping without anything going to waste.

Here is a quick reference of some of the more common herbs and their specific benefits for us and for chickens:


Basil - antibacterial, mucus membrane health

Bay Leaves - antiseptic, antioxidant, immune system booster, insect repellent
Bee Balm (bergamot/monarda)- antiseptic, antibacterial, respiratory health, calming

Catnip - sedative, insecticide
Cayenne pepper - aids circulation, appetite stimulant, antiseptic, digestive enhancement
Chamomile - kills mites and lice, antiseptic, antibiotic, calming, relaxant, detoxifier
Cilantro - antioxidant, fungicide, builds strong bones, high in Vitamin A for vision and Vitamin K for blood clotting
Cinnamon - promotes healthy breathing
Dill - antioxidant, relaxant, respiratory health

Echinacea aids in respiratory health and strengthens the immune system
Fennel -laying stimulant
Garlic - laying stimulant, antifungal, benefits circulation system 
Ginger - stress reducer (don't laugh, chickens have stress in their lives too at times!), appetite stimulant, anti-oxidant
 Lavender - stress reliever, increases blood circulation, highly aromatic, insecticide

Lemon Balm - stress reliever, antibacterial, highly aromatic, rodent repellent, calming
Lemon Verbena - aromatic, fly repellent, antiviral properties

Lemon Grass (citronella) - fly repellent
Marigold - vibrant egg yolks, feet and beaks/bills, insect repellent, antioxidant
Marjoram - laying stimulant, anti-inflammatory, decongestant, improves blood circulation, detoxifier

Mint (all kinds) - insecticide and rodent repellent

Nasturtium - laying stimulant, antiseptic, antibiotic, insecticide, wormer

Oregano - combats coccidia, salmonella, infectious bronchitis, avian flue, blackhead and e-coli, strengthens immune system
Parsley - high in vitamins, aids in blood vessel development, laying stimulant

Peppermint - anti-parasitic, insecticide
Pineapple Sage - aids nervous system, highly aromatic

Red Raspbery Leaf - antioxidant, relaxant
Rose Petals - highly aromatic, high in Vitamin C

Rosemary - pain relief, respiratory health, insecticide
Sage - antioxidant, anti-parasitic, general health promoter

Spearmint - antiseptic, insecticide, stimulates nerve, brain and blood functions
Tarragon - antioxidant

Thyme - respiratory health, antibacterial, antioxidant, anti-parasitic

Yarrow - antibacterial, anti-inflammatory, clears sinuses and respiratory systems, stress reliever

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