Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Roasted Red Pepper And Pesto Grilled Cheese Sandwich

A buttery, crispy sandwich filled with melted cheese, pesto sauce, roasted peppers and a few sun dried tomatoes, if you have on hand. Perfect sandwich for lunch or dinner. Fresh tasting yummy sandwich..Yumm!!!


4 slices french or italian bread
3 Tablespoons store purchased pesto sauce
6 large fresh basil leaves
2-3 large roasted red peppers
4-5 thick slices fresh mozzarella cheese
1 Tablespoon sun dried tomatoes, sliced ( optional)
salt and pepper
4 Tablespoons butter


1. Preheat skillet or grill pan over medium-low heat
2. To make sandwiches: Take two slices of bread and stack all ingredients between the two slices, spread the pesto evenly on the bread, spread softened butter on both sides of the bread and cook until cheese is melted and the bread is a deep golden brown..Let rest 1 minute then slice..Enjoy!!!

recipe slightly adapted from: laurenslatest.com

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