Friday, October 18, 2013

Decorating Pumpkin Idea's

Are you going pumpkin picking this weekend? This idea is for my sister Sara, we are going apple and pumpkin picking Sunday, and I know she will love this idea!! A great idea to decorate your pumpkins for your front door. You can choose any color paint and ribbon to match your house.

What you will need:

Large, medium and small pumpkin
White paint from craft store as your base color
Brown paint from craft store for your stem
Any paint colors of your choice from your local craft store
Foam Brushes
Any ribbon of your choice

Paint your pumpkins white, you may need 2 coats, Let dry completely, then paint what ever shapes you would like on your pumpkin. Tie a ribbon on it. And put on your porch. Everyone will love this.

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