Friday, October 18, 2013

Creative Ways To Decorate Pumpkins

This pumpkin is covered in lace from your local fabric store, also you can buy cheap pantyhose for your smaller pumpkins. Just wrap the pumpkin with the lace, then on top make a pretty bow with the rest!!!!
Here are some more creative ideas for decorating your pumpkins this year!!!And they are easy and inexpensive ways to do them with items from your local craft store!!! So go and buy some pumpkins and have fun..
 For these cute little pumpkins you can use them indoors on a table, with candleholders on your counter. You just need glue, and corn husks. All you do is cut the corn husks to size and glue them to the pumpkin..Easy peasy..
 These pumpkins are beautiful. All you need is glue,black paint for the core, and some black beads, then use your imagination to make it beautiful with your own patterns!!
 I think this is perfect for your front porch, all you need is sheer netting material and a few ribbons to make them look awesome.
 And how cool is this pumpkin painted in black and then the face cut out, and a candle inside. I just love the look with the black and the orange lit up inside.

And what a great idea. A monogramed pumpkin for the front of your home. You can buy a stencil or do it by hand. Place in a plant holder with some decorative berries

This is super cute for your kitchen, just buy some large stickers and place them in the middle of the pumpkin, then place a bow on top.
 This is a great idea for candle holders, Just buy some small pumpkins, paint them black, or a color of your choice and use them in place of a candle

How fun are these little white pumpkins, just buy some glue and glitter and decorate away!!

This one I love..Who would have thought you go buy some pretty ribbon of your choice and some glue, then decorate in an pattern you like...

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