Saturday, August 9, 2014

Saddles For Your Chickens Due To Feather Loss

Their are many reasons why chickens need saddles and this post is all about why you need them. I purchase all of my beautiful saddles for all of my chickens from
I love them they are made with beautiful patterns, and the material is high quality and a strong backing. I do know know if many people use them or know what they are, but I love them, and so do my girls. Sometimes we all have pecking problems with our chickens, or have roosters that can take feathers off the girls back, I also use them to keep my girls warm for the winter and during their molting season. Each of my girls have one now, some only need at this time because of feather loss due to pecking. But I hold on to them, they are in my emergency kit that I have. 

To me personally these saddles are an essential and should be in every chicken owners emergency kit. Louise's Country Closet has amazing prices, they are not expensive, and when you see what your chickens look like after loosing feathers you will pay anything to protect them. For the price that they charge it is worth purchasing just to keep in your kit. I have all girls, and I have a problem with them pecking each others feathers, it can be due to being bored or just one letting the other know who is in charge, yes their is a "pecking order". Last year I purchased several for the girls for the winter months to keep them warm, and they are still light enough for the summer months so they do not overheat. They are still good as new this year and my girls still are wearing them. 

After I keep the saddles on for a while, it allows new feather growth to come in, and the chickens are much happier. Some great suggestions to keep your chickens busy is to hang a fruit basket from the top of the coop and everyday fill with some treats like lettuce, cabbage, apples, celery, watermelon, cantaloupe, etc. Or sprinkle some cracked corn, mealworms, grass clippings around their run. Hope some of this information helps to keep your chickens healthy and happy. So go on over to louisescountrycloset and check out all of her great items. 

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