Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Strawberry And Blueberry Poke Cake

Here is a perfect 4th of July dessert that will wow everyone. A moist and delicious white cake filled with yummy strawberry and blueberry filling, then topped with Cool Whip And fresh blueberries and strawberries. Easy to make and every bite is filled with yumminess..Enjoy!!!!

  • 1 9x13 white cake mix prepare as directed on box, bake in 9x13 parchment lined or cooking sprayed pan and cool, still in pan
  • 21 ounces canned blueberry pie filling
  • 21 ounces canned strawberry pie filling
  • 16 oz cool whip
  • Red, white, and blue sprinkles for topping
  • Fresh blueberries and strawberries for topping
  1. Once the cake has completely cooled, poke about 25-30 holes in it using the base of a wooden spoon.
  2. *Spoon the blueberry pie filling onto the cake in random spots then spoon the strawberry pie filling onto the cake, and fill in any gaps in between the blueberry pie filling.
  3. Cover and chill for a 3-4 hours until the cake has absorbed the pie filling 
  4. Spread the cool whip evenly over the cake. Top with sprinkles and strawberries and blueberries
  5. Keep chilled until ready to serve.

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