Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Bacon Wrapped Cheese Sticks.

These bacon wrapped string cheese is so yummy, quick and super easy snack that can be made in no time. This is a great snack or appetizer that everyone will love..
Make these for football, night snacks, lunch, or anytime..And who doesn't love Bacon..add cheese to it and how can you go wrong..this is a great recipe I found from the Tasty source.Also you can use any dipping sauce of your choice..Marinara Sauce, ranch dressing, what ever you like or you don't have to have any dip they are perfect as they are..


Mozzarella Sticks


Freeze the String Cheese (for at least a few hours)
Once Frozen, place the string cheese on top of a slice of bacon, and fold the edges over to cover the cheese. 
Once Folded wrap/roll the cheese in a second slice of bacon. Make sure to use toothpicks for support.
Pour oil into a pan and heat to 350 degrees F, then place your Bacon Mozzarella stick into it. 
Fry until the bacon appears to be cooked in it’s golden brown state then let dry on a paper towel.
Once dried, serve with a dipping sauce of your choice!

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